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Group Travel Made Easy

Vamos makes it easy to bring folks from all over together in one place. You’ll get several options to help you figure out the most cost-effective dates and destinations for your team gatherings, family reunion, or that annual getaway with friends.

What we're building

We're building tools to allow quick & easy group travel planning & booking.

Trip Cost
Group Booking
We'll take it from here.

Save more than money

More time together, less time planning.

Where should we meet? Only Vamos's Destination Finder takes all the flight, hotel, and local cost data into account for every member of your group in order to determine the most cost-effective destinations for your trip. Be sure that you're getting the very best deal for your event.

Our Trip Cost Assessment Tool gives you a 360° view of all your expected travel expenses so that you can make the most informed decision on where to go. From trip dates to airfare, ground transportation, hotels and even costs associated with food and play.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your trip with Vamos, save time with One-click group booking. Based on your group's preferences for travel and accomodations, we'll carry your reservations through to the finish line. All that’s left to do is go!

Tailored for you

We utilized ML-powered algorithms, in partnership with Modlee, to help tailor recommendations for your group to ensure you not only save money, but have a comfortable & convenient trip.

What is Vamos?

A group planning and booking tool that makes it easier to find the best time and place for your group trips and book it all with one click. We understand your preference, and make the entire booking experience easier, reducing the mental load.

How is Vamos different from the other travel sites?

We specialize in untangling the complicated logistics of group travel and giving you recommendations for where and when to travel as a group if you want the best prices.

Is Vamos a travel agency?

No, we’re not a travel agency, but we’re taking the best part of travel agencies and turning them into simple, digital services that make booking group travel just as easy as those other sites make it to book your solo excursions.

Does it cost anything to use Vamos tools?

Our baseline services are completely free!

Can Vamos work with groups of any size?

Yes! Anyone can use our Vamos tools to arrange travel for groups of up to ten people. For groups with more than ten travelers, we’ll provide a free planning specialist to help you coordinate your trip

How do I use Vamos?

All you have to do is input your details like origin cities and desired time frames into our planning tool and Vamos will give you recommendations for the best times and places to travel. Once you find a recommendation you love, book your group trip in a single click.

When will Vamos be available to the public?

We’re launching in Summer 2024, but if you’re interested in joining our beta test you can sign up below!

Built for distributed teams, by a distributed team.

Vamos was started by two colleagues who imagined a better way for people to come together.

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